About Us

The automation of work steps and processes takes place across all industries and increasingly at an ever faster pace. Companies often cannot cope with this task to the full on their own. You need external support for this. And that’s where we come in. ROBODEX is the first point of contact for companies in the industrial and service sectors. As an expert for Industry 4.0 solutions, we offer companies an extensive portfolio. Here you can find out who we are, where we want to go and what makes ROBODEX so special.

Where we come from, where we want to go

The story of ROBODEX began in 2013 . In January 2023, the Robologik company was taken over by  ROBODEX  . The Braunschweig location was retained. We don’t stand still, we continue to develop. Our heart beats for Industry 4.0. And you benefit 100% from it.

1 strategic location in Braunschweig

At this location, ROBODEX Industry 4.0 employs experts. Tendency to increase in staff. We know how complex plants, machines and systems can be within a company. For this reason, specialists from the following four business areas work together for us:

  • Electrical engineering
  • control technology
  • Simulation and offline robot programming
  • Online robot programming

Our customers come from different industries. These include, among other things:

  • automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Plant and mechanical engineering

We work for our customers worldwide. This is made possible by our global cooperation partners.

The ROBODEX range of services at a glance

Robologic sees itself as a full service provider for Industry 4.0 solutions. Our customers receive equally complex and differentiated answers from us to complicated problems. ROBODEX looks at each company individually. For this reason we offer our customers individually adapted solutions. We deal intensively with each company and the special local conditions. The ROBODEX  range of services includes:

  • Industry and company specific solutions
  • Professional advice including inventory and actual/target analysis
  • maintenance
  • Transparent cost management

Benefit from it in several ways! let’s work together

ROBODEX accompanies you successfully into Industry 4.0. You remain competitive, conserve resources and act significantly more sustainably. With us you are well prepared for the challenges that automation and digitization bring with them. Whether it’s the aerospace industry or plant and mechanical engineering: together we’ll get started with you!

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