Control Cabinet Wiring

Automation and digitization have a significant impact on control cabinet wiring. This not only affects switchgear in the automotive industry or in plant and mechanical engineering. The installation and commissioning therefore requires real expert knowledge. Our electricians take on the task – quickly, professionally and reliably.

The control cabinet protects fuses, relays, cable ducts, frequency converters and many other components from external influences. These include but are not limited to water, dust, overheating, mechanical/electromagnetic interference or fire. The increasing complexity of machines and systems and increasing automation also affect the inner workings of the control cabinet.

This applies above all to the respective wiring system. Even the smallest error can lead to systems and machines working incorrectly, being damaged or failing completely. This is why expert knowledge is required in equal measure for the planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance of control cabinet wiring.

Carry out switch cabinet wiring professionally – we take on these tasks Work in the field of electrical engineering is carried out exclusively by qualified and certified specialists. The control cabinet wiring includes the following tasks and services:

  • Conception of wiring in control cabinets and control systems (also special control cabinets)
  • Use of modern wiring systems (e.g. modular system) for more efficient use of space
  • Use of System E-Plan P8
  • Installation of electrical components and their wiring according to plan and on site
  • Use of digital media instead of confusing printouts
  • Making electrical connections
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Services from a single source – use the full service in the field of control cabinet wiring

Industrial control cabinet systems and wiring are not just highly complex structures. Each company also has its own structures. For this reason, we do not have any off-the-shelf, 0815 programmes. Rather, we develop individualized solutions for your company. The “from a single source” principle ensures a trouble-free process and includes the following components:

  • Professional advice and individualized approach
  • Examination of the current status in the area of ​​control cabinet wiring including actual/target analysis
  • maintenance
  • Work according to VDE or IEC guidelines
  • Cost control thanks to transparent cost management
  • Education and training of your employees in our own training center
Professional control cabinet wiring from Industry 4.0 experts – get information now

Whether in the  aerospace industry or in plant and mechanical engineering : Control cabinet wiring requires professional planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Errors not only cause production losses, but also produce high follow-up costs. We are your partner in the field of control cabinet wiring. Find out about our experts and offers. Get in contact. We take care of the rest.

Control Cabinet Wiring
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