Cables And Wiring

Planning, implementation and maintenance from a single source. Whether in the aviation and aerospace industry or in plant and mechanical engineering: Industrial cable and line laying must always be professionally organized and carried out.

Our electrical engineering experts plan professional wiring for your industrial switchgear and implement it in accordance with current standards and norms.

There are cable and line installations in almost all areas of a company. Good examples of this are circuit distributors, communication infrastructure or switchgear. Lines and cables connect central control units with decentralized machines, systems or supply systems.

During conception and implementation, even the smallest mistakes ensure that entire systems do not function correctly. Problems up to the complete functional failure of entire company areas are pre-programmed as a result. In addition, the security risk for employees increases many times over.

Industrial cable and line laying belongs in professional hands

The professional laying of cables and lines in electrical engineering has the highest priority for every company. With our know-how we support you in the conception, implementation and maintenance. This includes, for example, the following areas:

  • building automation
  • Building and plant security
  • fire protection technology
  • control cabinet wiring
  • network technology
  • control technology
  • communication technology
  • lighting and ventilation
  • power supply

We work across industries. Our approach is coordinated with the specific characteristics and specifications of the entrepreneurial field of activity.

From a single source – we offer advice, planning, implementation and maintenance for your systems

As an expert for industrial electrical engineering installation, it is very important to us to implement individualized solutions for your company. We therefore look at your entire company and have a comprehensive service package in the field of cable and line laying. For us, full service means:

  • Professional advice
  • Viewing and assessment of the current status
  • Actual-target analysis
  • Electrical installation according to specified standards (e.g. DIN 18015-3 or the same applies to the implementation of standards and the installation.)
  • Design and implementation of the installation/laying of lines and cables
  • maintenance

Safe, trouble-free and durable – line and cable laying

In operational fire alarm technology and in many other areas, professional cable and line laying ensures greater safety and freedom from interference. Faulty work and production processes, which cost you a lot of money, are minimised.

We are your partner in the field of line and cable laying. Our experts work for a wide variety of industries, such as the automotive industry or mechanical and plant engineering. Get in contact. We’ll do the rest.

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