Offline Robot Programming

Our industrial robot programmers at the OLP work with licensed software programs: Robcad and Process Simulate. You will optimize the robot processes in the production line, check the safety areas and work processes in the respective robot work cell..

The time-consuming teaching of the robots in the  online robot programming  ensures a permanent standstill in production. In order to minimize production downtime, we use  offline programming. The  OLP  enables us to reduce the production downtime by 1/10 compared to direct online programming. In plain language, with online programming it means an effort of one hundred hours, the use of the OLP can reduce the effort to less than ten hours and thus the cost-intensive production downtime and reduce robot commissioning enormously.

The advantages of offline programming

Unlike online robot programming, offline robot programming does not take place directly on the production line, but in the office on a computer specially set up for this purpose and equipped with licensed software. A model of the robot or an entire work cell is reproduced one-to-one in the development environment. This process enables the programmer to carry out and validate various analyzes before the robots are commissioned. In addition, various optimizations such as cycle time determination and adjustments can already be made in the software environment. In the “best case”, only the programs created offline are imported and run on the production line.

Full service for offline robot programming

In the field of offline robot programming, we offer our customers a total solution for the corresponding project.

  • advice and planning
  • Feasibility studies and range studies
  • project planning
  • 3D simulation
  • Compliance with group-specific robot standards (VASS, Mercedes, BMW)
  • Optimization of cycle times
  • wear minimization
  • robot commissioning
  • documentation
  • timely and error-free implementation
Lean production using offline programming

Offline programming supports the “lean production” philosophy. Because most of the programming work  takes place offline,  i.e. at the office workstation, and only the program code is imported and the robot is driven off the line. It eliminates the intensive time expenditure of online robot programming, i.e. the “waste” of production downtime. The offline reprogramming of new robots enables the  plant and mechanical engineering industry  to force special production in small quantities for special customer parts. You need support with reprogramming, changing or troubleshooting your robots. Then contact us, we are happy to put our entire know-how at your service.

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