Fire Alarm Technology

Objects, systems, production lines and many other industrial areas must be equipped with a modern fire alarm system. Our fire alarm technology experts not only check existing systems. They integrate the latest fire alarm technology, including the laying of cables and lines.

Operational fire protection is equally important for people, systems and buildings. The focus is on the respective fire alarm system (BMA for short) and the fire alarm concept.

The earlier a fire is detected by fire alarm technology, the better the chances of avoiding serious damage. The implementation of a professional fire alarm system requires extensive specialist knowledge. This applies equally to the organisational, technical and structural areas.

Preventive fire protection – that’s why fire alarm technology is particularly important

The term fire alarm technology is initially very comprehensive. It includes simple smoke detectors and highly complex bulkhead installations alike. The fire alarm system acts both centrally and decentrally. The fire alarm control panel is the most important BMA node.

The entire system forwards all brand-specific information to him. As soon as the decentralized fire detectors detect a source of danger, the fire control center receives information about it. Installation errors, outdated technology or poor maintenance reduce the success of rapid firefighting. Bring your fire alarm technology up to date with us.

From a single source – full service for fire protection technology

As experts in automation processes, we know that individualized fire protection solutions provide the greatest level of security. We pursue a holistic concept that is tailored to the characteristics of the operational system. We offer the following services in the field of fire alarm technology:

  • Professional advice
  • Assessment and evaluation of the current situation
  • Actual-target analysis
  • Consulting and conception of a fire protection technology concept
  • Trained and highly qualified staff
  • Introduction and installation of modern fire protection techniques
  • maintenance
Efficient fire protection management thanks to professional fire protection technology

A professional and optimized fire protection concept including the appropriate fire alarm technology protects against damage and high consequential costs. You get more planning security, which is a decisive success factor in plant and mechanical engineering, among other things.

Do you want a strong partner at your side who, together with you, will bring the operational fire alarm and safety technology up to date? Then we fit together 100%. Contact us. We take care of the rest.

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